Our job profiles



Unique people and skills to build the future of energy together

Every day we respond to new challenges of innovation thanks to our people. Their competences and talents are the engine of the energy transition, the key to our success. In which areas do you want to grow and evolve? Look below and explore our job profiles.

  • Employee of the Digital Factory unit at work

    Information Technology (IT)

    The Team, always at the forefront, plays a key role for the Group. Through innovation and digitalization, it provides the technological solutions to meet the needs of the evolving business.

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  • Handshake as a sign of agreement


    Interpersonal skills and empathy are the winning characteristics of our Sales Team. The Team takes care of the relationship with customers and sales companies, meets their needs and manages all related activities.

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  • Person watching graphs on the PC


    Results-oriented, the Finance Team is engaged to plan the Group's financial resources. It guides and promotes business results based on financial goals and operational insights.

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  • Handshake as a sign of agreement


    The Legal Team supports all the companies of the Group offering legal services with professionalism and strong attention to detail. Every day they work close with other teams in the operational and strategic management of activities.

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  • Woman holding a baby in her arms in front of her PC

    Human Resources

    The Team is engaged in the growth of the Group's most important resources: people. It accelerates training and growth processes, provides the best possible experience for current and future employees.

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  • Workers looking at a tablet together


    Problem solving and team spirit are the distinctive characteristics of the Team members. Always ready to intervene on site and on the territory, skilled in managing relationships with numerous interlocutors.

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  • Employees in front of their PCs sharing ideas


    Our Staff operates in a wide panorama of innovative processes. The Team manages complex and dynamic activities, in support of all areas of our business.

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